Old Yardleians 50 Years at Tilehouse Lane Party - Sat. 17th September 2016

We are having a party to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the self-built clubhouse at OYRFC. It will be a great time to catch up with everyone and reminisce about the good old days. The First XV's first home league game of the season vs. Stafford will be kicking off at 2.30pm. There will be 60's music and food will be provided throughout the day and night, plus memorabilia, videos and photos from the old days. We would like everyone to be there - especially those who have appeared in team photos over the years - we need you all to contact each other to get here on the day. Organised by the club committee it will be a great day out. Please come along and bring your ex-members and friends with you.

Can all attendees confirm their attendance by emailing Shannon at shannon.t.killarney@blueyonder.co.uk . We will publish a list of confirmed attendees on the club web site here. This will encourage other people to come along, so PLEASE send an email to say you're coming.

About the day

  • Starts at 12 noon on Saturday 17th September 2016
  • First team at home in the League to Stafford, K.O 3:00pm
  • Vets/Vandals at home vs. Lordswood Dixonians, K.O 3:00pm
  • Photos and other memorabilia featuring the building of the original clubhouse back in 1966
  • Limited availability beer tokens at 1966 prices, 1 shilling and 10 pence a pint in old money (approx. 9p)
  • The chart hits from 1966 played throughout the day
  • Sixties themed buffet, remember Spam sandwiches, Fray Bentos and Angel Delight?
  • Watch the players have a post match wash in dustbins of freezing cold water (only joking)
  • Sixties themed fancy dress disco party in the evening with an opportunity to get on the Karaoke mike later
  • Bring your own mementoes to share
  • Bring your drinking boots!

Some people we're trying to contact

In no particular order (and apologies for any duplicates, omissions or deceased);
Dave Horne, Darren Collingwood, Harley Williams, Reg Singer, Martin Stone, Dave Hansen (Chicken), Nigel Booth, Lee Perks, Gary Williams (Smokin), Bill Burrows, Mick Bloxham, Pete Burrows, Nigel Burrows, Bobby Adams, Ian Hughes, Richard Walker, Steve Chinn, Jan Ullah, Robin Sadler, Kev Grant, John Power, Cedric Farrell, Phil Goldbourn, Alastair Goldbourn, Alan Arkle, Simon Davies, Matt Spence, Rick Lowe, Dave 'Ralphy' Rollins, Tony Fitzgerald, John Lonie, Steve (Lefty) Wright, Kevin Moule, Colin Cresswell, Alan Pickford, Bob Hartley, Mick Lowe, Jim Randle, Clive Fitzgerald, Dave Crampton, Cyril Hayward, Richard Walker, Gerrard Walker, Bernie Walker, Dickie Williams, Bob Garner, Mort Atkins, Bob Simper, Paul Leeman, Mick Friend, George Fraser, Jim Randle, Paul Stoddart, Keith (the fly half, mate of Jim Randle), Keith Neill, Phil Swales, Robin Sismey, Martin Stone, Colin Stone, Mick Ison, Doug Parry, Adrian Church, Martyn Cartwright, John Baldwin, Bob Broad, Ed Lewins, Brian Hope, Richard Jacks, Dai Sloan, Mick Rainbow, Dickie Williams, Ron Williams, Roy (the boy) Williams, Keith Cadby, Dylan Poole, Darren Wright, Phil Kinder, Brett Packer, Richard Formaston, Bob Ellams, Paul Glover, Ed the Duck, Nigel Walker, Adam Walker, Eddie Hartwell, Mick Davis, Phil Habberley, Mark Prentice, Mark Zakers, Dick and Gwen Parkin, Tony Meades, Don Meades, Ian Wallace, Marvin Wallace, Ainsley Wallace, Nigel Burrows, Pete Burrows, Simon Pigden, Peter Pigden, Kev Grant, Darryl Chinn, Will Hart, Ian 'Fergie' Ferguson, Steve Chinn, Paul Gower, Lee Perks, Lee Ducie Adams, Biscuit, Denzil Watts, Mike Watts, Tony Pembo Pemberton, Bob Tanky Tynan, Bert and Joy Black, Andy Dunne, Richard Walker, Bernie Walker, Roy Pugsley, Rusty Steele, Robin Sadler, Big Al Harrison, Hilton Smith, Robbie Masterson, Jan Ullah, John Downes, John McConnell, Keith Beardsmore, Gareth Samuel, Dave Wish, Chris Watts, Ron Walker, John Power, Tony Skehan, Terry Coffey, Bill Burrows, Beau Campbell, John (Rip) Rawlings, Brian (too tall) Rawlings, John Jenner, Dave Broadfield, Joe Broadfield, Alan (the accountant) Jones, Gerry (the gravedigger) McDonnell, Chris Parry, Dylan Poole, Gary smokin' Williams, Junior Williams, Mikey Williams, Mick Young, Tony 'Paddy' Ryan, Sean Moran, Barry (BJ the DJ) Minall, Chris (jacko) Jackson, Richard (herman the german) Parfitt, Simon Brown, Dr. Graham (mines a shandy) Shaw, Mick the Fish, Nigel Booth, Dave Howlett, Chris Black, Peter 'The Fridge' Butler, Simon Furze, Dave (chicken) Hanson, Steve Mancell, John Lonie, Micky the Biker, Harley Williams, Ralph Rollins, Gary 'Bobo' Robinson, Skidley, Derek Ralston, Alan Arkle, Dave Townsend, John Pease, Marcus Hope, Darren Wright, Cedric Farrell, Simon Davies, Ian Walker, James Walker, Lefty Wright, Righty Wright, Keith Ansell, Joey Smith, Dean Smith, Darren Smith, Bill Tucker, Richard Jacks, Dave Adams, Bill Collins, Ken Collins, Colin (emigrated to Canada) Freeman, Ivan Ryan, Mark Higgins, Steve Stringer, Tony Killarney, Jesus (not the real one!), Aussie John, Phil and Alistair Goldbourne, Phil Painter, Tony Mahon, Chris Hughes, Jimmy Watterson, John Ross and Friends, Nigel Hough, John (poo bear) Humphries, Robbie Dixon, Mick Bloxham, Dick and Gwen Parkin, All the Purdeys, Mark 'Mogie' Moseley.

Confirmed attendees

Dave Collen, Mick Berry, Ray Tranter, Steve Price, Steve Sidwell, Tom Power, Mark Higgins, Bill Collins, Mick Ison, Mick Louch (accommodation permitting), Ken England, Norman Goody, Martin Cullen, Shannon Killarney, Pat McDaid, Andy Killarney, Rupert (the Major) Young, Dean Scandrett, Dave and Chris Dixon, Craig Fleming, Steve Painter, Tony Fagan, Dave Jenkins, Rick Thorne, Brian (Woody) Wood, Jan Ullah, Nigel Hough, Mark Baldwin, Martyn Cartwright, Gary (Smokin') Williams, Sean and Roy Kenwrick, Sean Tootill, Charlie Jenkins (checking with top management), Tony and Wendy Brown, Brian Collingwood, Tex Wales (a bit later), Tony Pemberton, Bert Black, Dave Townsend, Steve Jacks, Rob Dixon, Graham Creed, Cyril Hayward, Dave Horne, Ida Horne and guests, Andy Dunne, Simon Brown, Robin Sadler, Pete Burrows, Dave Adams,

Can't make it (on holiday)

Bob Tynan, Paul Leaman, Dudley Parry, Mick and Lyn Bloxham :o( - Peter Westbrook (who is coming over from Australia in October and is hoping to visit the club then!)