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Thu, 11 Jul 2019 12:00

Having suffered two dreadful seasons when our only achievement was relegation, it is now time to put things right.  Whatever the social popularity of the club and the income generated, the focus for this coming season must be success on the pitch.

Tristram has led a series of excellent sessions featuring stamina and strength work and we are now approaching the important sessions when we have to ensure that skill and tactical elements are applied. This can not be effective unless the whole squad are involved. I am sure that this needs no explanation.

Who will we be playing against
The powers that be have sent us details of who we will meet in our league programme.  I believe that we may have met some of the teams in years gone by but that none of them have been in a higher league than us at the same time. My thinking is that this will make us a  target by which these teams will want to monitor their progress and take a valuable scalp. In other words they will try particularly hard when we meet them. 

League Opposition

Birmingham Civil Service
Kings Norton
Old Wheats
Upton on Severn

What should we do
Along with the other old blokes on the touchline we think that Commitment, reliability and working as a team would be very useful. What do you think 

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