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Have we turned the corner

Wed, 23 Jan 2019 12:00

 People from all corners of the Rugby world are asking,this very question and as I see things we are not there yet but we are heading in the right direction. 

I realise that you cannot be in two places at once and my long time gang of friends, which came together through our game and club had a celebration to make. Lord Brown(Simon) who was a straight running centre, winger or even flanker ( I think that is how you spell it) hit the Sixty mark and another member of our group, (Loreta Fagan) wife of the highly rate Prop, Tony,famous for his two tries in one game at the Eds was also at that stage in life. The semi retired sausage maker and world famous Funeral Director and one time President of the Old Yardleians, took control of the cooking. Probably the best hooker in the entire Sharmans Cross, Dave Jenkins joined us and the news about his status or nationality is that he now qualifies for Irish Citizenship on the basis of his contribution to the Irish economy as a result of his Guiness consumption. I was also there along with She who has always loved the sport

What a place Shrewsbury is. While the men discussed a range of current affairs, political, sporting etc the Ladies were let loose in the shopping centres. An error of judgement on our behalves. Although television has not reached many parts of Shropshire, I was still able to follow the London Derby match and I do believe Arsenal thrashed Chelsea, as you would expect.

On returning home I had to contact he Top Man himself to check the authenticity of our victory. Stoke Old Boys are never easy to overcome, so to beat them  33-8 was aa very good performance for our boys.A slow start to the game was followed by a much improved second half. There is a saying that there is no substitute for speed and it was speed of body and also speed of thought that made the difference. There will be another chance to judge our improvement this Saturday when we visit Upton On Severn for a league game. Your support would be appreciated.

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