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Mon, 12 Mar 2018 12:00

They don't make them like this anymore.

Only the loyal or bored ventured to the Tilehouse Arena on Saturday to watch a league match between Old Yards and Southam. To be honest there was little to choose between the two sides but the visitors edged it by 28-7.  The game was moved to the 2nd team pitch which was like a swamp and with rain, sleet, wind etc it was not easy for the players.There was one spectacular penalty to Yards which ended nearer to the Akamba culteral centre than the posts. However, credit to both teams for giving it a go and after some difficult experiences there is light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a train.

Who was there ?
Given a choice of televised six nations rugby or the North Mids Div 2 west / north it was interesting to see as many outside watching 'Live' action as there were. For those of an education at Alderbrook, Dave White and Pete Jonno were on a talent spotting mission and claim to have thoroughly enjoyed the game. Chicken could be heard from the far touchline, nothing unusual there. A special mention must be made of that 'Great' second row from a few seasons ago, Michael (Mick) Bloxham.  Some of you might know this but not all of you. Mick is a secret trainspotter and he decided to make his home on the far side of the city in leafy Erdington which enabled him to travel on Saturdays by train to our car park otherwise known as Whitlocks End Station. A short walk and he arrives at the Arena.
Mick is a great role model for our younger players. He was proud to play for the Old Ys, and after the game was happy to chat with his opponents, play 'fun games' such as pass the parcel, join in the boat race, and have a sing song. All of this before catching the 'Erdington Express' and being such a nice guy he probably stopped at the chippy to give his wonderful missus a treat.
A great bloke and clubman. 
Next game
Saturday 17th v  Nuneaton o e. Lets hope the trains are on time !


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