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Six of our finest look to recruit new talent in uncharted territories

Thu, 30 Nov 2017 12:00

Why were six of our experienced men on the early train to town ?

With a long day ahead of them, six of our finest club members were spotted by Ellie, on the 12.25 train from Solihull to the Jewellery Quarter. Their mission was to introduce the locals to the game of Rugby Football. With no games on at the Tilehouse Arena , it did seem a positive idea at the time.
Go forward seven hours and the recruitment drive had slowed a little but one barman, a glass collector and a taxi driver, started to make the journey worthwhile. The word coincidence comes into play at this stage. Lizzie, friend of Ellie, had her 30th Birthday party in a respectable pub in the Jewellery Quarter. Having been invited we set off from Solihull Station in a three carriage train, which might have been comfortable for around 100 passengers. But no complaints, as another 300 passengers boarded the train.
At around 8 P.M. we got to the pub where the party was and 'She who misses very little' pointed out a group of 6 fine men taking a well earned rest and some fluids, as fine athletes would do.
Our one time hooker was starting to tire but managed to stay on his seat. Josh wisely ordered a taxi and vanished into the night with his Father in law. One time club coach, Rick was sending some vital information to someone about something but couldn't remember what it was. The Bard of Olton was starting to feel hungry so warning messages were sent to all Balti restaurants. That just leaves the one time prop who once scored two tries in a game against the Eds. This is the man who looks the same after two pints or ten pints. Mustn't forget our President who it was suggested might use his S.A.S training to negotiate his way home through Tudor Grange Park.
This Saturday is a Vice Presidents gathering. You might hear more from our super six, but also enjoy Gina's excellant food, have a drink, and watch some fascinating rugby.

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