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Tue, 14 Nov 2017 12:00

Not an easy decision to make.

The choices facing me included, internationals in the club, maybe a pub, at home, or anywhere else for that matter. I could have gone to Nuneaton to see how our First team are progressing but, I decided to watch our Thirds play at home against local friends and Rivals, Camp Hill. A choice had to be made quickly as She who enjoys parting with cash as if it was contagious, was hovering with intent. However, some good news, She is on jury service for the next six weeks which might make it possible to get hold of the Remote Control. 

  Back at the Tilehouse Arena, our opponents were out rehearsing their moves whilst at the same time our boys were arriving at the club, having the last smoke or whatever else they had to do.

Unlike most occasions when we play Camps, there was very little handbaging to report. The Yards were dominant in the scrum, and a little heavier, but we won a lot of ball against the head. Lineouts were about even and we were slightly better at the breakdown.
The yards had most of the posession and territory, but didn't turn it into points. Credit to Camps, when they saw a chance their reactions were good and they scored first with a quickly taken tap penalty. A simple conversion was missed.  An experienced core was needed and Phil, Ben and Dave were the answer as they have the ability to bring the best out of our less experienced teammates. 

To cut a long story short, we went on to gain a win that was just about deserved. On a positive note, we had a new plaayer on the wing by the name of Sam, recognisable by his artistic flair. A powerful and direct runner, I feel that he will be a genuine asset to the club. Maybe a little more time spent on his handling skills and I look forward to seeing him score a pile of tries.

I have just remembered, the score was a win for theYs 14-12.
Thank you to the young Lady from Bridgnorth who refereed the game. I am not entirely  certain that throwing her into local derby matches is the best idea but I guess that if she hopes to shoot to the higher levels then She must take what is considered a cross section of games. 

If my sources are correct then for the first time in a long while, we fielded a Girls team on Sunday. I am waiting for a bit more detail on how the game went but it is good to see.

On a sad note, the news arrived at the club of the death of Rosanna Hudson. On behalf of the club, our deepest sympathy goes out to Colin, Ben, Abbie and Becky.
May She rest in peace.

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