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90th Anniversary commemorative programme – calling potential advertisers

Sun, 30 Apr 2017 12:00

As many of you will know, the 2017/18 season marks the 90th anniversary of Old Yardleians Rugby Club's formation back in 1927.

As part of the club's anniversary celebrations next season, we aim to produce a special programme to commemorate the event.

It is our intention to re-use much of the content from the 75th anniversary programme that was produced in 2002 thanks to the sterling efforts of Moss Goode, Kiwi Thompson, Colin Humphries (God rest their souls) and also Tanky Tynan (still alive and kicking we hasten to add) who sorted the printing.

The 75th anniversary programme was a high quality A5 sized booklet with 56 pages of content – not including the cover pages. Most of the cost of production of that booklet was covered by selling about ten full pages worth of advertising space.

Some members may already have seen this, but you can get an idea of what the 75th programme looked like as it was reproduced in full on the Old Yardleians website back in 2006, here is a link (use the Prev and Next buttons to navigate): 

We hope that the 90th anniversary programme will have an extra ten pages of content (so 66 pages in all) which will be dedicated to documenting the significant developments that have occurred in the 15 years since then. Dave Adams is doing a great job pulling together contributions for the new content pages covering our recent history.

If we can sell ten to twelve full pages worth of advertising in the new programme, then we should again be able to cover the costs of production of 500 copies of the booklet.

So we are appealing to our existing sponsors, and other businesses associated with the club to consider purchasing advertising space.

Indicative prices are;

  • Inside front and back covers - £150 for a full page glossy advert.
  • Standard content pages - £125 for a full page colour advert, £100 for a full page black and white advert, £50 for a half page black and white advert, £25 for a quarter page black and white advert.
If you are interested in placing an advert then please send an email to: shannon.t.killarney@blueyonder.co.uk and we can start to discuss your requirements, we can help with any graphics requirements you have and grab suitable images from your web-site if necessary.

If all goes well then the dedicated committee members serving during the 2027/28 season will have a very useful resource with which to construct the 100th anniversary celebratory programme - Serva Fidem  :o)

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