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Wed, 08 Mar 2017 12:00

Tony Meades

Meeting Tony Meades, although I didn't realise it at the time, had a massive impact on my life.
Let me try to explain.
A long time ago, I came from South Wales to begin my career as a school teacher. I knew little about Birmingham, nobody other than a handful of colleagues and after a few weeks I decided to find a rugby club, the only logical move in a strange place.

Before mobile phones and the internet there was Yellow Pages within which there was a section on sports clubs. So one Friday night I went through the entries one at a time but with no success. I almost gave up until at last an answer. A gruff voice welcomed my interest and gave me instructions to be at The New Inns, Acocks Green, tomorrow at 1.00 with kit.

I arrived, along with 50 or so blokes in maroon sweaters and I was pointed towards a big man wearing a duffle coat, all the rage apparently. He looked me up and down and informed me that I was a centre. and that I would play in the fourths. Five minutes later, a change of plan. Tony, who was also third team captain, gave me the news that I had been promoted into his team, but that whatever a chap by the name of Phil might say, I was to ignore him. Pearls of wisdom from Tony.

We won our game and Tony, being a good mentor, suggested that we usually discussed the match over a pint or two of Brew or Mild. The rest is a little blurred but I do remember my introduction to dominoes and also something called snuff. What a pleasure.

Apart from a couple of years at 'Camp Freemantle' much of my life has been centered upon the Old Yardleians Rugby Football Club, where many new friendships and a range of new experiences have come my way.

As I mentioned in the title, along with Yellow Pages, Tony Meades played a significant part in the shaping of my life.

Thank You Tony,

May you rest in peace.

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