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Wed, 02 Nov 2016 12:00

Stars of the future
All our Sunday morning teams have been playing some very good rugby so far this season and credit must go to the coaches as well as the youngsters.  Quite rightly they are very pleased with themselves and that is very natural. However, it is difficult to judge how good a team is until it meets an even better one. Our Under 14 are a good example of what I am trying to say. One week they win by 50 plus points and then they come down to earth with a bump.

When you are on the receiving end, the important thing must be to grasp the reasons as to why it happened and how to ensure that it is not repeated. Lesson over (spot the teacher).


Over the years, Old Yards have enjoyed playing in the so called Local Derbies. Eds, Camp Hill, Woodrush, Kings Norton etc. have been games with a little more interest than others and I guess local  bragging rights are part of the process. Last Saturday we welcomed Camp Hill for a game that turned out to be disappointing for the home club.
The final score of 26-3 to the visitors might have been a little flattering, but on the day we got what we deserved. Nothing.
The camps kept it simple, short forward drives, excellent defence and taking the points when the opportunity was there. Not rocket science but it did the trick.
How about our boys. Flashes of quality were there for all to see but the main difference, as I see it, was that Camps looked like a team that was selected regularly, knew what the individual and the team would be doing and played with confidence.
Whereas, we looked like a team that had never met before, expected to finish second and did so. 

I would like to thank Richard Bragg for the effort he has put into the club and wish him all the best in his future coaching career.
Also we welcome Steve Chinn to the club that he once played for. Steve's actual role will be published shortly.

Good to see
At the game on Saturday, one time second team captain and smooth guy Phil Swales paid a visit to the club and it would be good to see him again. 

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