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Mon, 19 Sep 2016 12:00

Even She who is not the greatest fan of the game or the social interaction that goes with it had to admit that she almost enjoyed herself along with the coven that contains, Loretta, Lynda, Sue and a few Sally's here and there.

As 50th Parties go I thought it was an excellent occasion and, on behalf of everybody who attended I would like to thank all of those who helped prepare it with special mention to Shannon and Pat.

For a few hours I felt quite young again with so many past players, friends from Camp Hill and the Eds.  I will not attempt to name all our guests in case I miss anyone out but thanks to all of you who joined us for the day.

Sometimes, on a Sunday morning as we  venture back to the club again, John Lonie and myself, talk about how the game has evolved and we often come to the conclusion that it is becoming just a game rather than a club, in other words arrive, play go home. In addition, we are not fond of the players who flit around from club to club. We think that pride in the club is slowly vanishing. However, it was good to see so many of our younger players staying for a drink or maybe two and chatting with the 'stars of the past'.Perhaps we got it wrong. but we could all feel the unity on Saturday. 

First Team
To start with, Stafford have never been an easy team win against and it was no different this time. They were well organised and clearly motivated. However, with a large crowd expecting something special it was never going to be spectacular but a win, in our first home league game, was essential. The game was played at a frenetic pace but neither team could claim to be dominant. Goal kicking was below par from both teams but the game remained close throughout the match and a dramatic finale saw Stafford score a try wide out to leave them two points behind with a conversion opportunity that would have given them a draw. Depending on your loyalty, the kicker narrowly missed and the final whistle gave the Yards a two point victory which in my opinion was just about merited. 

Richard's Thoughts
Our new coach was pleased with the growing confidence which we all know takes time especially when a number of new players break into the team but the boys are starting to read each other's play. He is a little concerned that we are not turning territorial advantage into points, which was very evident on Saturday when we had camped in the opposition 22 but failed to score.  A special mention must be made as our information suggested that Stafford had a strong scrum. Time for the Fridge. Aged between 48 and 50, Peter offered his services and the problem was solved. Not only that, it meant that the post-match buffet was cleared up with little delay.


The seconds came second at Kenillworth.
The Vandals lost by one point 25-26 against Dixonians First Team.

Fixtures this Saturday, at the moment,
First Team  v  Malvern   3.00  Home  RFU Intermediate cup
Second Team   v   Handsworth home 3.00
Vandals   (TBA)
Minis and Juniors
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