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MEDIOCRITY (and that is being kind.)

Tue, 20 Jan 2015 12:00

I almost took the bike over the road to Asda Park to watch our Seconds/Dev.team in action against Camp Hill.  A couple of weeks ago I watched our Vandals win at Camps without really breaking sweat, but apparently it was much the same in reverse as our boys were well beaten.

The Vandals made the trek over to Sunnybank avenue to play Aston.  I don't know if it was sunny where you were but I was frozen where I was.  The final score was 39-35 in our favour.

So, off I go with essentials like gloves, hat and about 6 sweaters to watch our Firsts.  How Rob Dixon can stand on the touchline in a short-sleeved shirt is beyond me but let's see how a game between two mid-table teams progresses. In fairness to our visitors from Warwickshire they had a decent sized following, but they were as subdued as we were as there was not all that much to get excited about.
Without going into detail, the Nuns were keen to spin the ball wide whenever possible.  Perhaps they had done some research. The scrums were dominated by the Yards, line out roughly equal and the breakdown was mostly controlled by the youthful opposition.

A pattern was emerging, the Nuns were running at our defence which mostly held firm. Considering their opportunities, they lacked the vision needed to penetrate the defensive wall.  However, although the home team had less possession in key positions, they did look more likely to score when the chances came along.  On a cold day with a slippery pitch, perhaps we expected too much from the teams. I guess the Yards would be happy enough with a win as if you win when you don't play all that well, the coaches will feel quite pleased. Oh yes, we did win 24-13.
Both teams are mid table at the moment and I feel certain that is where they will both finish. Is that good enough? well it depends which angle you are coming from.

Thanks to our visitors from Nuneaton and thank you to our referee from Bristol way. He was a bit overawed at times but being a youngish lad he should develop into a capable referee.

Sunday Morning
Our future stars played host to local opponents from Woodrush. My reporter at the game informed me that we won all but one of our games, so jolly good, keep up the good work.

Fixtures this weekend coming

Seniors, I am waiting for confirmation.

Future Stars, all at home v Earlsdon kick off 11.00

And Finally,
 Not long ago they were demanding the sack for Mr Wenger.
However, Manchester City 0, Gunners 2.
Where are the boo boys now? 

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