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Mon, 01 Dec 2014 12:00

Television or live action?

As Saturday lunchtime approached (got nearer for tight heads) careful  planning was needed. 

12.45   West Brom  v  Arsenal
2.00     Old Yards v  Northampton O.S.
2.30      Wales v  South Africa
2.30       England  v  Australia

So, watched Mr Wenger's boys stroll to a win at the Baggies, but not a great spectacle.  The two internationals could be watched later, so, off we go to see what our boys could do against the league leaders from a parallel league in the East Midlands.

We lost and I think I can work out some of the reason why that was the case.

When Arsenal have to make team changes due to injury etc. the replacements are all very useful players but the change of teammates with slightly different strengths and weaknesses causes problems.

Watching our boys on Saturday, there were a number of regular players missing as well as players being selected out of position.  The players who stepped in played well enough but the difference between the two sides was, in my opinion, that our opposition looked very comfortable both with the ball and when organising their defence. They were better than us on the day but not by much , my point being that they knew what was going to happen and when and how to deal with it.

Take yourself back a couple of seasons.  How did we get out of those rather mediocre leagues?  We did it by players making themselves available as often as possible, by displaying superior fitness and by regular participation at training.  The knowledgable touchline mob also think in a similar way. 

Sunday morning

Our Under 12s, with their Australian coach took on local opposition, in the shape of the Edwardians.  As the teams took to the field it looked like something out of thee 'David and Goliath scene. They were very big and we were, by comparison, tiny. But credit to the coaching staff, our youngsters were brilliant. Look out for the match report which will follow for certain.

The treats available this coming weekend.

Saturday 6th Dec

First XV   v   Banbury  at Home  League   kick off 2.15
Development XV     Awaiting Information
Vandals     v  Redditch   away    friendly   kick off 2.15
Hornets      v  Harborne 3rds   home   friendly  kick off 2,15

Sunday 7th Dec

Under 7,8,9,10,11,12   all v  Harbury  at home  kick off 11.00

As we all know, fixtures do change for various reasons, but this is the present situation.

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