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Wed, 19 Nov 2014 12:00

Did I make the right choice?

I have never been a big fan of international matches but once in a while it is a kind of therapy.

An early start on Saturday morning, park the car  in Finsbury, (possibly legally) and put some credit on the oyster card. The tube was quiet for about half the journey followed by intimate company with armpits oozing body odour. Off the train at Richmond where you can get served in The Ship but the downside is the walk to the stadium of around 30 minutes. She who knows more than the Met Office thought she wouldn't need her umbrella but sadly the 'Rain Gods' disagreed.

Just about made it for kick off time and it was not a bad game. South Africa were possibly a little more street wise and built up a first half lead. Half time duty fell on youngest daughter and her 'other half' to get the refreshments (liquid). He returned in good time but lost his beloved.  Now for the dilemma, go search or watch the second half. 

The second half started badly for England with points given away far too easily. But eventually the beer waitress arrived. Meanwhile she who tends to keep her purse closed decided to purchase a burger for her friend and herself.  Would £10 cover it? dream on love, double that. The game did get exciting towards the end but the boys in white could not quite get there.  My thoughts, change the half backs (both good but out of form) and get some balance in the back row. Do you need three giants if they don't have the pace to get to the break down?

At the final whistle, you would need urinals bigger than the Atlantic ocean to enable 82,000 fans to relieve the pressures. It is a good job that the residents of leafy West London have spacious front gardens.

The rest of the day was predictable except that she who takes out a mortgage for a burger, then decided to lead us into one of Jamie Oliver's value for money eating places. I guess it will be 'Shirley Kebab' from now on. 

Had I forgotten the Ys?

Of course not. My agents kept me informed.  A mixed day in terms of results.

First XV    v  Spartans.  We gained valuable league points by winning 17-7 after a scorless first half.

Dev  XV    v   Ledbury  lost 18-25

Vandals XV     v  Birmingham University  lost by a lot 

On Sunday our minis continue to perform superbly.  Berkswell and Balsall were privileged to see our progress at first hand.
This Sunday all our mini teams will have a real test as they welcome Camp Hill to our 'Hillbilly Home'.


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