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Tue, 04 Nov 2014 12:00

Old Yards 9  Old Leams 3

Reading the website of one of our league opponents, I discovered why we have been relatively successful in recent seasons. This must mean that Brian Collingwood and Alan Simpson are the key men in our team. 

It was fascinating to find so many knowledgable referees on both touchlines on Saturday, offering a wide range of reasons as to why they were so much better than the appointed official. I wonder if they would help out when the 3rds and 4ths are left without a referee.  

Back to saturday which saw a game between two clubs in roughly the same league position, i.e.middle to low. The actual game was a very poor spectacle due, not to the appointed referee, Mr Kelly of the North Mids Society, but due to the poor skills of many of the players, in both open play and line out. 

The Yards put their opponents under great pressure in the scrums, but credit to the Leams for trying to play a wide attacking game, but it was predictable and sound defence from the Yards prevented any scores.  The final score of 9-3 was down to the goal kickers and, on the day, Jake had his accuracy jab before the game!

On the issue of pitch size, it never seemed all that small to me when I played on it but as the saying goes, its not size that matters its how you use it.  If you have any thoughts on that issue please, approach Alan or Brian.

Other week end scores
Development XV    v  Kidderminster  won 26-24
Vandals  XV    v   Spartans    lost  14-17

On sunday our minis played a lot of games against Claverdon, a very well organised outfit. We did win some of the sessions but not as many as Claverdon.

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