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Further tributes to Kiwi Thompson

Sat, 18 Oct 2014 12:00

I was up at the club recently and the bar must have been shut because I found myself reading the notices on the notice boards. I stumbled across a moving tribute to Kiwi written by an Old Yardleian called Mike Rainbow who is now living abroad. The tribute was received via an email to President Steve Painter who pinned it up months ago and I’m sure a lot of people have already read it. However, for those like me that hadn’t, please see the copy posted below. I would also like to confirm the rumour that was circulating on Saturday that Kiwi has donated a sizeable amount of money from his estate to help the club. The club committee are currently deciding on a suitable way of commemorating Kiwi’s generous legacy.

A tribute received from Mike Rainbow...

“G’day Steve,
I don’t know whether you remember me, Mike Rainbow, I played for the Old Ys in the 1960s and early 70s and played several times in the same team as you as I also did with Kiwi. I have lived in Queensland, Australia for the past 32 years, my love of the game is still strong and I regularly look at the Old Ys website to see how the club is doing. I was saddened this morning to read of the passing of Kiwi and I can still see him as I did all those years ago, the stocky backrower with the infectious sense of humour and his words of encouragement both on and off the field.
Whenever I played with Kiwi he always lifted my game by his own enthusiasm. More than a player who always gave his best, he was also a good bloke and as an Aussie I can't say more than that.
I still remember the days at Windermere Road and the old changing shed then the move to Tilehouse Lane and walking up and down in a line removing stones from the pitch areas, so to see where the club is today, particularly its success on the field, is very pleasing to me. This sort of achievement can only happen because of blokes like Kiwi putting their heart and soul into the club. My wife Pat, who has never really been interested in rugby, also remembers Kiwi so he must have made an impression with her as well.
Our condolences to Kiwi’s family and if rugby union really is the game they play in heaven he may still be terrorising those halfbacks! RIP Colin.

Steve I would like to make a donation to the club in memory of Kiwi would you let me know the best way to do this. Congratulations on being president of such a successful club, I still have fond memories of my playing days and the folk that I played with.

Kind regards,
Mike Rainbow.”

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