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Mon, 22 Jul 2013 12:34

The support given to our First Team last season was incredible and was one of the reasons for the success of the team. The approaching season offers some lovely outings and you might well want to bring your wives, girlfriends or even both. I will include a few comments about each venue but you may already have your own knowledge of them anyway. CHELTENHAM NORTH The spa town has a posh reputation with things like the 'Ladies College' but traditionally Gloucestershire teams enjoy their rugby and provide their opponents with a thorough test. Have we ever played them? not to my knowledge, so I look forward to the fixture with interest. EVESHAM A straightforward trip to a pleasant Worcestershire town where the River Severn (according to Fridge) flows alongside the club's pitches. Their recent history has been a bit like our own in that they have seen good and poor seasons and possibly have not achieved their true potential, so who knows what might happen. KINGS NORTON A short drive over to Hopwood. going back a while this fixture was seen as a win without having to do too much but the last two or three seasons has been a different story as they improved and stabilised. In fact, they have had the edge on us. With our improvement last year it should be a fascinating encounter. LEDBURY We paid a visit down Herefordshire way with our under 17s last season, securing a win but we were made to work hard for it and I suspect that will be the same for our First XV. If by any chance Chicken is selected then you will need to set out by Midday. MANOR PARK Promoted with us last season, the boys from Nuneaton way will probably surprise quite a few teams especially in the forward confrontations. PERSHORE Even after many years it still makes me smile when we travel south into Worcestershire to the village of Wyre Piddle to play our friends from Pershore. Over the years we have probably broken even in terms of results. They are beatable but it will not be easy. PINLEY In my younger days at the then formidable Keresley club Pinley were our pre-season warm-up game. This was the time when teams were expected to try things out, throw the ball around etc. However, as a midfield back I might as well have taken a deckchair and a good book to read. Enough said. This time I suggest that a wide game at pace would be worthwhile. OLD WHEATS It is good to get a few Coventry fixtures after the league moved us around all parts of the country. In days of old they were seen as one of the less challenging Cov sides but as we have not played them for many a season, we will need to see it as a step into the unknown and to prepare for it accordingly. SOUTHAM A nice drive out into the Warwickshire countryside, in the direction of Leamington (so the world atlas aka Fridge informs me.) My recollection is that they play with pride and never give up without a good battle. SHIPSTON ON STOUR There was a small disagreement between the sides a few years back but that was dealt with and I am sure that both clubs have moved on as there is no time or reason for anything other than playing skillful and effective rugby. Pete says that Shipston is in Warwickshire. UPTON-ON-SEVERN Pete's satnav, (west Mids A-Z)does not include this Worcestershire club. We have not met them very often and so another step into the unknown

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