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Tue, 22 Jan 2013 10:46

Michael Fish, Shefali Ooza, and the rest of them are not in total agreement about when the cold weather will disappear so we need to be well prepared as there might be a substantial thaw that would enable our games to go ahead at the weekend.
Last weekend saw all matches called off which was particularly disappointing for the First XV who were due to host Bedford Swifts in the semi-final of the Midlands section of the RFU National Vase.  The date for this game to be played has been announced as Saturday 9th February.
This coming weekend, 26/27 January, if the weather is on our side will see the following fixtures

Saaturday       First XV               v        Coventry Welsh      Away    League
                      Development XV   v       Bridgnorth               Home
                      Vandals  XV           v       Aston Old Eds        Away   Merit table

Sunday           Under  7, 8, 9        v        Bournville               Home
                       Under  10              v        Bournvile               Away
                       Under 17                v       Ledbury                 Away   N. Mids League

Has his cover been blown?
Having a quiet drink in the Red Lion last week with a former Ys hooker and Warwickshire based Lord of the Manor, Sir Lancelot (or Drinkalot) Brown, it was almost pleasant to bump into Younger Jacks, Tinker, (one of the top 10 tight head props that I can recall in Ys history) and the friendly second row bloke who is very tall.  We were joined soon after by our long-serving, part - time hooker, Big Jacko.  Now I am not quite sure what to make of a front row player bringing his i-pad into a pub.  I cannot imagine Bert, Fridge or Robbie doing such a thing but I will let you make up your own minds on that one. Well, before You could say 'Undercover Cop and one time Ys scrum - half,' guess who walked in for a quiet pint while his son was having a piano lesson up the road somewhere?  The first person to see this Guess Who celebrity and approach him by saying, 'I ain't see you, honest,' will qualify for a pint of beer or a 30 minute piano lesson.

Friend of the club
Same pub, different occasion.  She who needs a drink was prepared to walk through blizzards and avalanches in order to get to the very same Red Lion where sadly we met again the three key players from the Eds. Two of them have played for us but never really made the grade and were released to ply their trade in the depths of local rugby. In what is known in the trade as 'A Snow Day' which means that schools are shut resulted in the prescence of a local secondary school maths teacher and Edwardian centre, who would very much like to be an Old Yards player.  He was once responsible for the numeracy education of my children but we have just about put that right.  What a great bloke, Mr Jan Ogan.  (that will be a pint for the mention).

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