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Mon, 09 Jul 2012 09:35

How you can help your club

It has been suggested that a small core of our club members do the vast majority of the work that keeps us running as a club, and it probably is a fairly accurate assessment.  So, this saturday (14th July), you are invited to show that you have pride in your club.  A schedule of work that will complete the improvements to the clubhouse and grounds has been set out and we aim to start at  9.00 a.m.

On completion, a meal will be provided and you will be given plenty of time to digest it before the players amongst you will begin training at 2.00 p.m.


Training at 2.00 is open to players from under 17 through to seniors.  New or prospective players are invited to come along and see if our set up appeals to you.  Feel free to watch training, join in and to have a drink or two.

Andy Killarney

A very under-rated 2nd row or even back row player, Andy lets his playing do his talking and is one of those blokes that you would always want in your team. No, this is not an obituary, far from it.  He is about to begin a new phase of his life by getting married but in the meantime he would like you to join him for a drink and the chance to tell him what a good bloke he is.
This is planned for saturday from about 5.00 p.m.and will start at the club before possibly moving on elsewhere.

Mini and Junior Fixtures

When I phoned Shannon to check that the fixtures were ready to appear on the website, he informed me that he was in a field in Devon with Pat. I thought it wise not to ask for more details.
When he comes down to earth, you should be able to discover a number of your fixtures with more to follow.

Rick leads his team to Old Yards Quiz Victory

Rick Thorne, much travelled lad from The Forest of Dean, one time Old Ys player and coach led his team to victory in a tie-break finish in the Quiz last friday.  On a day that was wetter than wet, it must have been tempting to stay at home but the show went ahead.
In a tense finish, She who thought she knew most things didn't know quite enough as her team finished 4 points behind the winners.  The reason for the failure obviously comes down to the questions being unsuitable, with too much sporty stuff. And it must be stressed that it was not a result of the winners knowing just that little bit more.  A team containing Shannon and Pat and quite a few others finished on level terms with Rick, Sue and friends but under the pressure of a sudden death tie-break, it was the Thorne's who took home the splendid first prize.
A special thank you to Bill and Jan for running the Bar, Egg for his sweeping skills, Shannon and Pat for their technological skills and to my two assistants, Sharon and Luke.

And Finally

Same old story, will he go or will he stay?  I suspect he will follow the example of Henry, Nasri, Fabregas etc.  I can't wait.

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