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Meetings, meetings and even more meetings

Sat, 18 Jun 2011 03:56

We even have meetings to decide when to have more meetings!

The messenger (or it might have been Shannon) asked me very politely, and it makes it difficult to say no, if I would like to attend a committee meeting on saturday afternnon.  She who allocates jobs around the house was caught unawares and so off to the club I wandered.

New chairman Sean takes the chair and is immediately under fire for not answering his texts or e-mails.  Good job you are not trying to convince Alan Sugar of your ability mate but we will give you time to get things sorted.

Main topic, team captains for the coming season.

1st xv     as already announced,  Tommo

Development xv       Robert (Barstool) Bastock

Vandals         Stephen Walter Sidwell

Hawks        Cedric Farrell supported by Fred Bhatti

As a one time player who has been in the same team as these blokes I predict an exceptional season coming our way.

Club finance was on the agenda just for a change.  Our money man, Mike, informed us that our gross income for the last year was down on the previous one.  It must be remembered however, that the weather over December and January was bad enough for many of our home games to have been cancelled as well as the 'kids christmas party' and private bookings.  It is not all doom and gloom financially but our main source of income is our bar, so come and support it and if you are considering having a party of some description then see what Mike has to offer.

We also talked about our mins and juniors and any offer of help whether from club supporters, players or parents would be appreciated.  Furthermore, if you know of any budding rugby stars of the future, whether they have previous playing experience or not  then please get in touch with us, ideally Shannon in the first instance.

I think that will do for now as Simon Brown, one time rugby superstar, is coming round to borrow my bike as he is planning to shed a few pounds in weight in readiness for his comeback in the'Kestrels'.

And finally, Mr Wenger knows best and who he buys and sells is down to him.  Newcastle away, I think that means 3 points for the Gunners from the first game of the season.

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