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Still only June but the club is preparing for next season

Thu, 09 Jun 2011 01:47

Good-bye last season, Hello next season

Looking ahead to the coming season, welcome to our new chairman, Sean Byrne.  With a name that suggests an Irish background, he has an accent from somewhere between Shirley and Lapland and a playing ability that makes you glad that he is moving into administration.  Seriously, the club is very pleased with the overwhelming vote in favour of Sean's appointment and will be supporting him all the way to promotion on the playing side and to even greater things on the social front.

We are also very excited with the club captaincy going to Antony (Tommo) Thompson who will as ever lead from the front.  He did show signs of things to come when he took over the role from Dean Brain when injury curtailed his season.

At the packed out AGM it was a shrewd move not to appoint captains for the other sides until we decide on how to organise our teams, e.g.Development, Vandals, Hawks or whether to revert to 1st XV, 2nd XV etc.  A decision will be made shortly so Sean informs us.

League status

Those who make such decisions have decided that we will be placed into Midlands Division 3 West (south) where we meet many of our old friends as well as one or two new ones.Our opponents will include the following.

Earlsdon, based somewhere near Warwick Uni on the outskirts of Coventry, I recall some very frenzied clashes with them a few seasons ago.  A vivid memory is the promotion decider at our place which we won in style.  However, their enthusiastic sing -song and cabaret was outstanding.  I can only imagine what would have happened if they had won.

Evesham, a very pleasant Worcestershire town and the rugby club close to the river.  Last season we beat them at home and they reciprocated when we travelled south to play them.

Keresley,  where she who must be listened to was brought up.  No more pit ponies, no more front-row grief dished out by Benny and The Jets (getting carried away, I meant the Freemantles), no more McNally boys, Housey, Damage or Fisher.  I must own up to having enjoyed my two seasons with Keresley and as a half- back I had the armchair luxury that few others ever enjoy.  Having watched your lads at the Eds it was fascinating to see the change of emphasis from forward play to backs.

Kings Norton, not too far to travel, they have worked hard to improve their playing performances to match their quite impressive facilities.  We beat them well enough at home last season but slipped up over at their place.

Old Coventrians opposite the bingo hall used to be a regular fixture in the past but times change and what we used to consider to be a 'big club' has slipped a little in recent times.

Old Leams with their impressive facilities have always given us a good close game.  Last season we beat them by 15 points at home and they beat us by 15 points at their place.  They will be our hosts for the opening league match of the coming season.

Pinley, a club from the Coventry area gained promotion last season and in doing so trounced our local friends from the Eds.  Apart from that they are an unknown force to our club.

Redditch, as I view it, is the place of work for all failed road planners and it seems to rain non-stop every time we go there. Games between us are usually tight with only a couple of points separating us last year.

Shipston is a popular community club in the small Warwickshire town.  Apart from one well-publicised exception games between our clubs have usually been keenly competitive yet played in good spirit. Last season we edged a win at home and drew down there.

Southam are a workman like team who, if you don't play with total commitment, will beat you just like they did to us last season.

Woodrush are as I see it the least predictable team in the league.  At their best they have a good set of backs and use them effeectively with the added bonus of a kicker who will punish you anywhere in our own half.  Their forwards work hard but tend to be a little light-weight but then I guess most are compared to our juggernaut.  We make that marathon trek to play them in our second league match.

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