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Use of statistics (I should have been a politician !!)

Fri, 01 Apr 2011 02:46

As our 757 flew homewards from some windy islands 60 miles off the coast of Africa,at 36,000 feet or whatever the pilot might have told us, I must have had a content smile on my face because she who is beautiful and must be obeyed asked me the predictable question 'what are you thinking about?' and for once in my married life an answer containing some elements of truth were to follow.  I replied to the often suspicious one, 'Our first team were playing Kings Norton in a league match and I bet that we lost by just a couple of points.'  My answer did the trick as she returned to her book.  On arrival in the cold-air of Shirley I went straight to the RFU results web site and lo and behold, KN 14 Old Ys 12.  I said to the 'knowledgable one' that I was correct with my forecast and she immediately checked to see if this was a regular thing or an unusual happening. 
She said that she had analysed our league results and discovered that of our 19 league matches to date, that we had lost 11.  Of these defeats 8 were by the margain of 6 points or less and that of these 8 setbacks 5 of them were by 3 points or less.If we had won the games with a 3 points or smaller loss, we would not be dropping down into the relegation zone but would be in 3rd position in the league.

So, what am I thinking? How is it that when games are won or lost by such small margains that we always seem to be the losers?  Answers written on a five pound note to be sent to my missus or, better still, to me.
Seriously, is there a common reason? Suggestions from the touchline include missing kicks at goal, failure to convert pressure into points, giving away penalties in kickable positions, upsetting refs by too much backchat and that old favourite, running out of gas in the last 15-20 mins.  I am not suggesting that any individual reason is the only answer, but boys, it is not my imagination, these facts are reality and need urgent attention.

If you want a match report have a look at The Redditch Observer or the Kings Norton website.

Development XV

Played and defeated Harborne 2nd XV by 22-14.  Well done to Steve Painter (Dip FD) still playing with no worries about getting to the game as he is able to use his free bus pass


No game as Eds couldn't get a second team out.
Good luck to the lads on a mini tour to Bath this weekend to play Oldfield Old Boys.

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