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Early days but looking good!

Tue, 14 Sep 2010 11:20

First xv
Saturday saw our first xv open their league division 3 west (south) programme with a home fixture against a very useful Old Leamingtonians team.  From the start Ys were well on top in the set pieces with Painter, Grainger and Brennan controlling the line out and in the scrums Butler and Thompson put their opposite numbers under much pressure.
However, Leams fought hard at the breakdown and were tireless in defence. It was only going to be a matter of time before Ys scored and from an attack involving backs and forwards flanker Rob Willis stamped his mark on the game by scoring a try in the corner.  Leams attempted to counter from all positions but the Yards defence was not yielding and from late pressure Steve Grainger proved unstoppable from 10 meters. A conversion and a penalty took the final score to 15-0. This coming saturday sees the visit of local rivals Woodrush for a league match kicking off at 3.00.

Development xv
Away from home against a strong Tamworth 2nd team, our youngsters performed well and narrowly lost 12-17.  Progress can be seen by the fact that we were heavilly beaten in last season's corresponding fixture.  More detail will follow when Ellwyn develops his reporting skills.

Vandals xv
How does our captain manage to recall the match details as well as carry the drinks, run the touch and even appear on the pitch as a late impact substitution?
Also, there are now so many players availablee that Mick Bloxham has been rumoured to be running a 'Hawks' or 4th team.

Saturday 11th September saw us in action at Tilehouse Lane in the long pampas grass of pitch Two against another of the five teams who took our scalp last season Kidderminster Carolians; albeit only by a point in the rain over at Marlpool Lane in a match largely remembered for starting with twelve players, having lost Sid, Cedric & Smoking on the walk out from the changing room.
One change in the front row with Mark "Dai" Baldwin making a return alongside Rick "Swing" Lowe & Shannon "Sidestep" Killarney, Bill "Gilbert" Burrows switching to No.8 with Roger "the Dodger" Lazenby having unknowingly managed to break his foot at some point in the last six months (no sense no feeling). With usual stunt skipper John Lonie full of cold, we had the larger than strife pairing of the Gouldbourn sisters Phil & Alistair in the boiler room, with Marcus "the Shark" Hope & Nick "the Assassin" Levey on the flanks. Marcus taking on the role of captaincy for the day (lots of potential there for next season!) & note how he won the toss too.
The backs marshalled by those two Welsh pit ponies Phil "the General" Evans & Gary "Smoking" Williams with Nick "the Barrel" Palmer and Barry-John "Baz" Cole filling Fitz's slippers in the centres; on the wings Phil "Horse" Watson maintaining that cunning look of a lost second row stuck out of harms way on the wing and Lee "Lethal" Coates on the other. A Vandal debut at fullback to former second team (before they all got young) skipper and more latterly professional Dubai camel racer Sean Byrne.
On the bench John "Beechams" Lonie, Ian "Nev" Neville, our only real youngster at 25 Kevin "the Bolt" Coles and bringing up the rear, the water, the first aid kit and the balls Captain Slow (yeah I know I've done that line before).
For the record and being everso slightly anal I had looked up last years side in advance and discovered that ten of us played in the corresponding fixture last season.
With Marcus winning the toss he elected to play away from the Clubhouse in the first half giving Kiddy the kick off who had turned up with the usual hefty looking side both in the forwards but probably not so wisely in the backs.
Officiating, a nice young fit ref in the shape of Ian Armitage of Old Eds and someone who Fridge had broken during our game against them last season.
In lieu of a proper warm up, unlike Kidderminster, we opted to warm up in our own left hand corner, defending our line for best part of ten minutes, with their number eight as he did last year launching himself at us time after time in the first of four scrums, three of which were on our line. However, on the fourth Rick with the help of his seven dwarfs won his first of his three against the head and we were awarded a penalty to clear our lines.
A clean take from the ensuing lineout saw the ball crisply sail through the hands of Phil, Gary, Nick & Baz & Coatesy popping up in support, to Horse and back inside to Coatesy who lit 'em up to score under the posts. 5-0
Ah yes Captain Slow had forgotten to check on a kicker in Ralph's enforced absence, Barry-John hastily gets the call and jogs back up the pitch, just as the Kiddy players are reminding the referee that we only have a minute, to nonchalantly drop goal it over for a 7-0 lead.
Kidderminster restart, great call by the General, only to get clattered by Gilbert who obviously wasn't paying attention. Scrum to Kidderminster.
Shortly after we are awarded a scrum of our own around the halfway line from which in a pre-planned move Smoking (doing things mercurial) sets off on a lateral double dummy, with Barrel & Baz fixing their opposite numbers,the flat pass goes to Coatesy who skins his opposite number to score under the posts again. Baz converts 14-0
Minutes later it's the forwards turn with a maul just outside the Kidderminster twenty two saw a short pop out the back door to Smoking standing in at scrum half (Phil off tending his flock somewhere) who feeds Captain Marcus on the burst and he drops the shoulder & bounces the Kiddy fly half in the process and gallops the twenty metres or so to score under the posts (see he also leads by example). Simple conversion for Baz 21-0 and Kidderminster are reeling by the three quick tries in succession.
But it gets worse for Kidderminster as straight from the restart the ball is caught & set and it's spun out cleanly to Coatesy to ignite the afterburners from inside our half to dot down again under the posts for his hat trick. Baz goes four for four to make it 28-0
Our next try is following a superb kick by Smoking to set us up just inside the Kidderminster twenty two. Big Phil takes great ball and the General spins it out, Smokes brings Barrel into play thundering in on the scissors like a knife through I can't believe it's not butter to score. 33-0 Conversion missed.
Shannon finds time to sneak in his now very much trademark Killarney two step from virtually a standing start, it's refreshing to see the big lads dabbling in the dark arts.
Moments later the General takes a quick penalty as we continue to increase the tempo and feeds the Horse (groan) just inside our half who in the process of handing off his winger literally lifts him off the ground to score 38-0 Conversion just goes wide.
Great possession again by our forwards sees the ball spun through the hands to Coatesy who goes over for his fourth, must've been under the posts as Baz converts 45-0
Half time 45-0 Isotonics all round, just the one change Bill comes off for a short break, Lonie comes coughing & spluttering into the second row and Ali G moves back a rank to No.8.
We kick off and the second half starts at much the same pace, Kiddy punt the ball into our twenty two and the Dubai Express makes a clean catch and sees Baz in support who in turn passes to Coatesy and the pair of them proceed to play catch at pace all the way up the sideline with the final pass going to Coatsey who goes in under the posts, his playmate Baz getting the consolation of a sixth conversion and we hit fifty 52-0.
The Kidderminster No.8 departs, also like last year, seen off by Nick after having their own blindside duel for most of the first half. Much to the delight of the Kidderminster players Coatsey shows off his six pack and comes off for a breather. On comes our proper "youngster" Kevin "the Bolt" Coles (check out the steelwork just below his neck).
Next notable piece of play is a thirty metre break between Ali G and Horse down the narrow side with some great timed passing, which is unfortunate not to result in a try when it is knocked forward with the line begging.
Not long after the restart we are awarded a scrum and the General spins right and put puts Horse free who sees Baz in support and Barry goes over for our ninth try of the afternoon. He converts his own work 59-0. Horse decides to come off, only for Coatesy to come back on, cue a collective groan from those in amber & black.
And it's not long before he's in action again as he brings it left, and the ball goes via Barrel & Baz out to Kev thirty to forty metres out, but a great show & go fixes the Kiddy fullback and Bolt sprints in at the corner and dots it under the posts. Baz Converts 66-0
Finally Kidderminster are awarded a penalty (one of only a few unlike the previous week) which they opt to get on the scoreboard 66-3
Hard working Dai comes off, the frenetic pace beginning to tell and Bill Burrows is back on at tighthead, Bill tells me he played prop in his first game at Old Yards because he "was bendy, and no one wanted to play there"  how times change!
Then we see a cracking tackle by Barrel who stays on his feet and strips the ball from the Kiddy player, he must've watched those iRB clips I recommended last week.
Next up Coatesy breaks through the Kidderminster defence (makes a change from going round them I guess) and Smoking is in support to go over to cap a fine performance. 71-3 Baz now obviously bored with taking conversions tries for something more spectacular and hits the post with his first attempt.
You'd think he'd have had enough by now, but the Barrel breaks the defensive line for Lethal to score a sixth. 76-3 Conversion missed (I think by Lee himself)
Coatesy finally off for good, Slow onto the wing. Our forwards once again march the ball up field and from a lineout we run, a miss pass by Smoking straight to Bazza who sends a wide pass to Slow, who cuts back in gets stopped five or six metres out, and we set again, recycle and the ball is quickly spun right and Shark goes over for a well deserved second try in the corner 81-3 Touchline conversion missed.
Smoking comes off and Nev on for a quick cameo, long enough to get a couple of passes in before the referee decides we've all had enough and blows a few minutes early, good job as Lonie's lungs are now in his mouth and is totally unable to communicate.
Final score a staggering  81-3 Final age a respectable 653 do the math.
That was a fabulous game to watch, 13 tries in all and probably the best 80 minutes under my tenure, several of our first team players remarking that every time they looked up we were scoring. Kiddy can count themselves very unfortunate that they caught us on one of those days everything we tried came off, and am sure a warm welcome awaits us in the return fixture in December!!
Apparently one of the Kidderminster players paid us the compliment in the bar afterwards that we looked like a good first team that had "come down together", which is probably true but not all for the same Club, in fact possibly seven or eight first teams! Yards, Handsworth, Solihull, Silhillians, Rugby St Andrews, Kynoch & Porthcawl (yes that would be Dai then)
Man of the match this week for his six try haul Coatesy and assists went to Barry John, though everyone to a man if not scored assisted at some point in the game. Our wingers scored eight tries between them but virtually all originated from a set play of one form or another where those that seldom get mentioned do the unsung (and unseen) hard graft down amongst the worms.  
Next week contrary to what I said another home game (thanks Tom) Birmingham Barbarians 2nds.
Ps Lymington was in the national news today for being so posh they have followed up their decision to refuse Argos planning permission by doing the same to Weatherspoons!! Do they not know you can never have enough pubs?!

New clubhouse furniture

Just amazing!  This could really increase social and cultural functions that use our impressive facilities.
Logic suggests more functions = more revenue = more improvements = more interest in the club such as playing, spectating and socialising = more revenue etc etc.  Are we ambitious? or are we still in the days of 3 points for a try?

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