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What can I do on a sunday?

Wed, 18 Nov 2009 03:21

It would do you good to struggle up to the club on a sunday morning at around 10.30.  The fresh air clears the head, refreshments, served by charming volunteers are available and you might find somewhere to park the car (if you are lucky).  I realise that some of you are there because your kids are playing but it is good to see more and more of you coming along to support the young lads who will, one day, be the players that keep our club thriving.  Now let's get serious.  Watching the games is good but you can do more than that.  You can still have your pint and your butty but how about making a real contribution. How about some volunteers.  We could do with kitchen staff, general clubhouse tidy uppers, car parking stewards and odd-jobbers who could do basic jobs such as being responsible for water bottles,  post protectors and touchline flags.  Such tasks would suit parents or players without the confidence to become involved in rugby-specific matters.  You could be linked to a particular team/age group so that you were only involved at home games. Please approach your child's team manager or Shannon Killarney if you feel that you could help in some way.
Now, what about you players.  You should hopefully know more about rugby than the young lads.  Why not assist the current team managers with coaching and if you feel that you could do a job then you could sign up for a coaching qualification at a later stage.  Referees don't need to know every law in the book.  All they have to do is to appear confident and allow your common sense to take over.  The refereeing qualification is easy to get and then 25 mins each way will not be too much for you.  Most spectators show respect and those that allow mouths to operate without brain function are few and far between.
What else can you offer?  Fixture secretary, can you read and use a phone, possibly at the same time? then you could do the job!

Please give it some serious thought and contact Shannon if you could offer your support in any way.

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