Old Yardleians RFC Ltd - Social Media Policy Statement

This policy is designed to provide helpful, practical advice to members in respect of using social media effectively and positively. As a club we encourage the responsible use of social media.

The club realises that social media has become increasingly popular in recent years, because it allows people to connect in the online world instantly.

It can take many different forms, including internet forums, internet blogs, social blogs, podcasts, pictures and video. There are a wide range of platforms that the term social media relates to. However, the Club recognises that the most popular channels currently used are Twitter, Facebook and to a lesser extent YouTube.

Old Yardleians RFC recognises that we all live in a society that promotes free speech and freedom of expression, but we would caution that anything that you write has the potential to enter the public domain. Consequently, we would request that all social media commentary relating to Old Yardleians RFC is of a positive nature - please think carefully before making comments that may lead to unintended consequences.

We would request that you refrain from any negative comments about, players, parents, coaches, managers, referees, clubs, etc. We would request that you avoid gossip, slanderous comments, disruptive comments, threatening comments, and anything that could be construed as abusive, harassing, obscene, libellous, or an invasion of another's privacy (this includes text, audio, photographs and video).

Whilst the club realises that a certain amount of banter may take place on some forums, we would request that any language used is moderated, please remember that these forums can be viewed by a range of age groups from both genders; if you would not use that language in your own home then it should not be appearing in the public domain. If a negative comment is made, we would ask you not to comment on it either way, or to escalate an issue.

Members should also ensure that any comments adhere to the RFU safeguarding policy at all times.

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