Tie Collection

A collection of ties from other clubs was started in cabinets placed above the bar in the clubhouse. There are now over three hundred on display. Letters to various countries asking for their international tie initially seemed doomed, especially since the first in alphabetical order was Argentina after the Falklands incident, but then ties arrived from the All Blacks, Australia, France and many others. Wade Dooley generously gave us his tie from the centennial international between England and Ireland. The cabinet containing the thirty-six English Referees Society ties was one short for many years but thanks to our friend Roger Rees, the tie for East Midlands Society has now been added.

The Pilkington Cup

Reaching the final of the North Midlands Cup the previous year had given us entry into the prestigious 1990 Pilkington Cup. We were drawn away to Hartlepool Rovers. Travelling up by coach both players and supporters had a great day despite losing to the more experienced side 29 -3.  The Hartlepool lads had a good time too and paid us a return visit for a weekend of  football, cricket and games the following summer.

A Second Chance at the Reddings.

We finished in seventh place in the League and had another blistering run in the North Midlands Cup with wins over Dudley Kingswinford and Evesham. Defeat of Veseyans in the semi-final on the windy heights of Barr Beacon gave us another final at the Reddings this time to face the mighty Hereford.  We took an early lead when  Club Captain Shannon Killarneys quick line-out throw allowed Darren Collingwood to sprint over for a try.  Tom Power converted and added a second half penalty. Unfortunately, this was not enough Hereford finished strongly to win 22-9.

Another Sad Loss

Billy Davis passed away in 1990, at a relatively young age.  Suffering with heart problems in his latter years he had never played rugby at club level, but he was an ardent supporter of Wales, the country of his ancestors and the OYs whom he had supported since leaving school.

Gas Main Installed.

The same year a long held dream was achieved when six showers were installed in the bath area. Bob Parfitt laid a gas main to the clubhouse enabling the purchase of a gas boiler to run the heating system and provide hot water to the  showers.